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Another self-bondage from Chloe, with Electric.

Credited to Dombrus for the cradle suit.

Credited to :iconbaumbs: for Electric Vibrator

I'm was getting bored of using the same shine effect, so doing a different rubber shine style. So, this is inspired by all the fetish rubber artist who try this. Also, this is easy for me to do.

It was night time at Ponyville, Chloe was ready to closed her Pet Playhouse shop. Until Electric came to her house with a big bag, it's big enough for one pony to fit inside. Chloe started to wonder to know what's in the bag, she lets Electric in. Electric says that she brought these suits from a stallion. He has a blonde mane and tail, blue eyes, brown fur coat, with white parts on his muzzle and hooves.  She also said this for the members of Chloe's Pet Playhouse for some playtime. Chloe began to be very, very interested in these suits. Electric opens the bag, and reveals to be some cradle suits in all different colors, but most of them are in black. There were ear plugs, and vibrators including different gags in the mask. Electric explains that these suits restrain all four legs to prevent of getting up or even move. Chloe blushes and smirked at these suits. She has an interest of suits that prevents movement. Chloe asked that she and Electric can do self-bondage with these suits. Electric would love to.

So, both mares went upstairs to the bedroom to try these suits on. Chloe's cradle suit is purple and Electric's cradle suit is yellow. Chloe use her magic to put Electric in her cradle suit. She puts on the ear plugs and then mask, and the gag was a ball inside the mask. Chloe also took out a gas mask, she breaths on the lends inside the gas mask for a blurry vision. She puts it on long rubber gloves on Electric hooves. And finally puts the vibrator inside her private spot. It's set on max as she turns it on. Electric moaned through her gag from the vibrator. Chloe was already in her cradle suit with her collar on, without the mask. She first puts her ear plugs on as she puts on the rubber gloves and then puts on the mask. She also got a ring horn to complete herself to be bounded.

Chloe and Electric are now inside their cradle suit. They began to move their plots from the vibration that's set on max. They both moan softly and loudly, they started to struggle a bit, but they seem to enjoy it. Chloe mostly is the one that's enjoys her suit, a lot. Chloe would try to say thanks to Electric for these suits in her gag, but she seems to enjoy her cradle suit. They wish if any pony can squeeze the pump for them. The timer on the ring horn was set for 4 hours of moaning with little struggles as they were pleasured by the suits. Chloe might toy with these with another pony, probably play with these on her princess doll (Twilight Sparkle) or to her value costumer. Chloe wouldn't mind if her ring horn gets an error of denying her magic so she can take the suit off. Might as well have fun with these suits.
kirbyfalcon Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
would be a shame if somepony were to take them and carry them off by those handles.
FireSkyFox Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
I love it x3 Also I'm a big fan of this suits since I first saw it on dombrus arts
FireAndRose Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
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